Ada - Fully personalized English learning powered by AI
Still facing the ineffectiveness of a traditional “one-size-fits-all” education or exercises-stuffed teaching method? Now, with a personalized adaptive learning powered by AI, every exercise is generated for and only for each student. And every student would enjoy a completely unique learning journey that's fully tailored to his or her individual abilities, needs and progress.
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Recommend most suitable article and exercises to each user
  • Based on vocabulary level
  • Learning progress
  • Reading interest
  • Different users will see different exercises even for the same article
Exercises generated by AI
  • AI generates exercises better than human beings
  • AI generates exercises specifically for each user
Easy to use! Simple interface without commercial, kids will not be distracted.
Ms. Chen
A good variety of quality articles! My child used to read fiction only, now she reads a lot of nonfiction articles.
I really like the reading and progress tracking system, now I know how many new words my kids had mastered.
Ms. Wong
Short stories are just great, my kids can read them anywhere, e.g. while waiting for food.
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